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Placing hands on back

Stefanie is moving and stretching upper back muscles on a client . After each set of moves, the practitioner steps away to let the nervous system respond and then reset the muscles.

Activating the Bowen trigger point

This Bowenwork move is addressing the muscles of the shoulder blades. It is called the Boomerang Move and is the favorite of many of my clients.

Bowenwork for the knee

The Knee procedure addresses all muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and structures of the knee. Many of my clients' long standing knee issues have been resolved addressing the knee, ankle and hip with Bowenwork.

Bowenwork for below the knee

Addressing the calf muscles often relieves upper back tension. Our bodies are connected. One part affects areas seemingly far away from the others...often the symptoms are not where the cause of the tension is located.

Bowen move for the arm

Stefanie is using the forearm procedure. Relieving pressure on the median nerve, often associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Many clients have received relief of this issue with Bowenwork. When the muscles let go of tension memory, the nerves can freely function again.

Bowen moves so gentle, even for baby

Baby Bowen, applied on children under age 3. This is a move of the respiratory procedure which reactivates the vagus nerve, which is partly responsible for guiding proper digestive function. It brings about excellent relief for babies with colic.

Bowen exercise for leg

Simple exercises are part of the Bowenwork Therapy. Stefanie is showing a client a hamstring exercise, which not only strengthens muscles but tricks the brain into relaxing them at the same time. Bowenwork is excellent for athletes. Due to their intense workouts, the muscles overly tighten and never get a chance to relax. That built-up tension causes a higher risk of injury.

Many of my clients are young athletes, like swimmers, football and basketball players, wrestlers, dancers and cheerleaders. The results of their sessions are often amazing, with better and easier performance and preventing injuries and muscle memories during their athletic careers.